24-32 Wigan Street

wellington 2004-2005

The building was developed to provide leased accommodation for VUW Schools of Architecture and Design on four levels. Three of these levels link directly to the existing School building on Vivian Street.

The floor levels of the new building match those of the existing building. Minor modifications within the existing Vivian Street building and the insertion of fire doors between the buildings were required to enable the facilities to be linked.

An atrium was provided along the north edge of the building to allow natural light into the deep plan. The fire doors and associated connecting bridges coincide with the atrium.

The plan of the building is very simple and configured to meet primarily the needs of the School but also the building owners need for flexibility to meet future tenants needs. The space on the three lower floors is mainly studio space and these benefits from the south light provided by the windows facing Wigan Street.

The fa├žade of the building reflects the colourful and varied character of Wigan St. which is occupied by photolabs, auto repairs/ panel beating, coffee production/retail, tattooing studio, museum and church based community support services. Most are expressive of their function and interactive with the street. Signage is noticeable and bright.

Floor to ceiling glass conveys to passers-by that these spaces are design school studios.  The habitation of the spaces and associated activity can be observed both day and (deep into the) night, and the resulting south light that this floor to ceiling glazing provides within, environmentally emphasises this design function occupation.